The ST-M26-COS/COR is an interface module. It is used to connect most Motorola mobile radios with 26-pin accessory connector to Solidtronic RoIP gateways. It is NOT only support the Solidtronic iDats PTT Control Technology, but also Support the PoC-COS/COR and Radio-COS/COR PTT Control Technology of ST-RoIP4 Series Standalone RoIP Gateway.

The ST-M26-COS/COR Radio Transceiver Connection Module combines the RT-4PS Transceiver Connection Cable to support most Motorola MotoTRBO mobile radios including but not limit to below list of models:

XPR Series: XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4380, XPR4500, XPR4550, XPR4580, XPR5350, XPR5550, XPR8300

XiR Series: XiRM8200, XiRM8220, XiRM8228, XiRM8620, XiRM8628, XiRM8660, XiRM8668

DGM Series: DGM4100, DGM6100

DM Series: DM3400, DM3401, DM3600, DM3601, DM4400, DM4401, DM4600, DM4601

MTM Series: MTM5400

DR Series: DR3000

DGR Series: DGR6175

ST-M26-COS/COR Radio Connection Module with RT-4PS Radio Connection Cable

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