The ST-RoIP1+ is a state-of-the-art radio over IP network PC-Radio Interface designed to support Zello PoC platform . It is employed advanced digital voice processing technology to interface with most PC version PoC software for interconnecting mobile phone and 2-way radio users, and also bridging 2 or more 2-way radio networks. It is also adopted adaptive digital filter to remove the speckle noise to prevent all PTT false triggering.

The ST-RoIP1+ is an easy of operation, cost effective and highly flexible platform to operate with PC for extending communication range by linking conventional 2-way radio into a radio over IP network system.

DTMF remote link ON/OFF control function with password protection is available in the ST-RoIP1+. User can control the radio over IP link ON or OFF remotely by DTMF command.

Key Features

  • Very of installation and operation, you just plug in the USB cable to PC and connect with a radio
  • Build-in high quality USB audio CODEC, supports both Windows XP/Vista/7/10 and Mac OS
  • Build-in analog interface for supporting unrecognized OS
  • DTMF remote radio over IP link ON/OFF control with password protection
  • Allows user to change the DTMF remote control password
  • Works with most popular voice messengers
  • Works with most popular handheld radios

Solidtronic ST-RoIP1+ RoIP PC-Radio Interface with RT-4PS DIY Radio Connection Cable

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