The RT-CRC3 Cross Band Duplex Repeater Controller Module is an easy of installation, low cost and high performance controller for amateur radio enthusiasts to build a real time radio cross channel or cross band repeater system.

Timeout Timer(TOT) feature is now available on RT-DRC3. The TOT value is 60+60. If TOT is enabled, the maximum re-transmission time is approximate 60 seconds for every call. When the call time is over 60 seconds, the repeater will stop re-transmission and continue monitor the channel, if the caller releases the call within approximate next 60 seconds, the repeater resumes to normal, otherwise, the repeater goes to OFF. It is same as remote turn OFF. The repeater can be turned ON again by DTMF command, or manual power off and then power on.

With the new version firmware, the new DTMF command sets and new setup method  brings you a brand new and convenient operation experience.

Key  Features

  • Supports different brand,  type and model of radios by selecting different type of radio connection  cable, or DIY and radio connection cable.

  • Operates on both DC12V  power supply or DC8.4V Lithium-ion battery.

  • Built-in Lithium-ion  battery charging circuit.

  • Low power consumption  operation.
  • TOT is available for protecting the TX radio unit and radio channel.
  • DTMF remote control of  repeater ON/OFF with password protection.
  • Allows user to change DTMF  remote control password.

Package  Contents

  • RT-CRC3 Cross Band Repeater  Controller Module x 1

  • RT-4PS Radio Connection  Cable x 1

  • 1.6mm Power Supply  Connector x 1

  • User's Guide x 1 

INNOTEK RT-CRC3 Cross Band Repeater Controller Module with RT-4PS DIY Radio Connection Cable

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