• Solidtronic ST-MX2SMA-M Antenna Adapter

The ST-MX2SMA-M Adapter is an antenna interface adapter to support the new Motorola handheld radios antenna socket use with a standard SMA-F antenna. When the radios are connected with an external antenna, they are feel free to be used in RoIP system.

The ST-MX2SMA-M Adapter supports the Motorola radios including but not limit to below list of models:

XPR Series: XPR7350, XPR7380, XPR7550, XPR7580

XiR Series: XiRP8600, XiRP8628, XiRP8660, XiRP8668

DGP Series: DGP5050, DGP5550, DGP8050, DGP8550

DP Series: DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801

Solidtronic ST-MX2SMA-M Antenna Adapter

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